Scholarships to Study Abroad in Canada, Europe and USA

12:19 am
24 November 2020


Scholars Portal
Scholars Portal is the largest portal in the world for Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters and PhD) scholarships information and scholarship consultants. These scholarships could be fully funded or partial.
Our site which is user-friendly allows visitors to check for scholarships by study country, eligibility, subject, reviews and deadlines. Apart from that, you can also find scholarship resources like news, materials, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and stories from previous scholars and award beneficiaries.

As previously stated, Scholars Portal does not only give scholarship information. We pride ourselves as the first in the world to give help to people who intend applying for scholarships as scholarship consultants.
Over the years, we have realized that people face a lot of difficulties while applying for scholarships. This has caused many to miss several life-changing scholarship awards and opportunities.
We are changing this and helping people get the scholarships they love to study anywhere in the world.

We clearly understand that people have preference when it comes to social media. Various touch points where our site visitors can reach us for any scholarship help, enquiries or information are available.
We would be glad to hear from you and also look forward to you sharing our scholarship site links to your friends. The truth is that you can never tell who you are helping to win the scholarship of his or her dreams. Messages are usually responded to within 24 hours.
However, please note that due to the volume of messages we receive, we cannot GUARANTEE you that your messages would be replied within 24 hours or forever.

Usually, common questions for example, one involving the eligibility, deadline of a scholarship etc. which is available already on our scholarship website will likely be ignored.
To stay connected with us, see our contact page.
You can also check our privacy policy and disclaimer notice.
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